The Rob Foundation

How can you help?

TRF is an ambitious organization that, for its functioning, depends on the contributions and commitment of many people.

How you can contribute to our activities:


  • Inform as many people as possible about TRF.
  • Share the contents of this site via your social media.
  • Like and share our Facebook page (
  • Start an activity for the benefit of TRF.


  • Periodic donations; as permanent donor you invest in help of a permanent character. Especially  in remote villages where help is so needed.
  • One time gifts in the form of donation, legacy, bequest etc.


Deploy your qualities to reach TRF goals.

  • We are looking for volunteers for:
  • The maintenance of the website
  • Design of promotional materials,The organization of small-scale operations (fundraising)

Are you organizing expert websites, creative or you enjoy, please contact

Since board members do not receive any salary, your donation will be used in whole for the work of TRF.

TRF has the ANBI-label. This means that your donations are tax deductible (For those living in The Netherlands).

Donation can be transferred to account number NL 48 RABO 0155661299 in the name of The Rob Foundation in Bathmen. If you are transferring from abroad, the BIC-code is: RABONL2U. you can also donate online with an creditcard, please go to our donation page.