The Rob Foundation


The problem:

4 days a month; 50 days a year for every pupil;  72.000 schooldays!!!!!! for the girls in the villages we visit around Mukono….
….. are the days (weeks!) that girls in Uganda do not go to school because of their periods. This is about 15% of their schooltime! A problem that The Rob Foundation (TRF) will tackle with the project: Afripads.


Education is of great importance to the development of the country. This applies to both boys and girls. However, this second group, starting from about eleven years, are monthly unable to go to school because they do not have the resources to buy sanitary towels. This project gives girls the opportunity to continue education in the days when they menstruate, because TRF hands out Afripads (washable sanitary pads) during their outreaches to school-age girls.


This project is in line with the objective of the foundation: To increase the knowledge about health related-topics and offer preventive basic medical care to children and (pregnant) women in the communities.